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Consume(d) is an intervention within the new Arts Precinct at NGV. This design measures the expanse of time through the physical manifestation of plastic consumption within the site through the formation of a modern ruin. Integrated into this is the exploration of a changing climate, 6M rising sea levels and the physical effects of our present consumer actions imagined through future, spatial outcomes.


drawing 1.jpg
drawing 1.jpg
drawing 2.jpg
drawing 6.jpg
drawing 17.jpg
drawing 6.jpg
drawing 3.jpg
drawing 3.jpg
drawing 5.jpg
drawing 7.jpg

2035 CE

2500 CE

2100 CE

2200 CE

2300 CE

2400 CE

2500 CE

1) Preliminary drawings

4) Site + ocean level diagrams

2) Consume illustration 2035 CE

5) Plastic construction process

3) Consumed illustration 2500 CE

6) Site transition render 

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