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Anthropo[scenes]  aims to develop a method of interrogating the incomprehensible spatial and temproal scales of the Anthropocene through local, human-scale spatializations. Identifying the Anthropocene as a convergence of geological, technological and cultural forces, the project is situated within a petrochemical landscape; Burwood Highway. The inherent accelerated qualities of the site are extracted through film and audio documentation, with visual and temporal post-processing producing Anthropo[scenes]; iterative outcomes that apprehend and subvert the prevailing anthropogenic systems.





Protest: Signs


coke 2.jpg
Siobhan McCarthy, Human Arrangement, 2020.jpg

watch Human Arrangement

highway translation.jpg

watch Highway Translation

still from Highway Translation

signal interruption.jpg

watch Signal / Interruption 

still from Signal / Interruption

Radio site 2.png

watch Site/Sound Radio Transmission

still from Site/Sound Radio Transmission

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